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Click here for Voltage vs. Curent Density, Voltage vs. Power and Typical Aging Luminance chart.
Applied Voltage AC 50Vrms to AC 220Vrms (For Spilt-Electro up to 350vac)
DC Application 1.5V DC to 48V DC up,
via inverter
Applied Frequency 50 HZ to 3 KHZ
Operating Temperature
-20℃ ~ 50℃(Nor.)/80℃ (Max)
Storage Temperature
-30℃ ~ 70℃
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90%
Operating Current
1.5~P2.5 mA /sq.in
Capacitance 2-5 nF/sq.in
Entry Level -- 60-70 CD/M2
Grade B -- 70-80 CD/M2
Grade A -- 100+ CD/M2
Up to 300 CD/M2 can be achieved
Lamp Life Entry Level -- 3,000 hours (animated only)
Grade B -- 10,000 (8,000 animated)
Grade A -- 20,000 - 30,000 hours (10,000 animated)
Thickness 0.2~0.4mm(1st Generation Foil) 
(min 0.119mm For 2nd Generation  Foil)
0.1mm (For 3rd Generation Foil
Bend Radius Min.0.25"(1st generation foil); 2nd generation foil can be folded but not creased; 3rd Generation foil can be folded without damaging the lamp
Normal Edge Seal 0.08"(2mm)
Min. Edge Seal 0.03"(0.76mm)
Lead Pulling 0.5kg 10sec.
Lead Bending 90° 250gr bending 2 times
Heat Resistance
250℃ 3sec>3mm distance from EL panel with extra force applied
Life span could be up to 30,000 hrs or more depending on the lamp's environment, driving condition and duty cycle.
Environmental Test Temperature Humidity Duration
-20 degree 0% 2-168 Hours
+50 degree 90% 2-168 Hours
+20 degree 60% 2-168 Hours
Operating voltage and frequency - AC 100 Vrms 1 KHZ sine wave
StorageTest Temperature Humidity Duration
85 degree 500Hours
-20 degree 500Hours
40 degree 90%RH 500Hours
Temperature ShockTest -20 degree for 30min <-> 70 degree for 30min for a total of 15 cycles, with a maintained brightness of 75%.
Voltage Surge Test 10 times 1000V voltage surge test in 60 seconds

EL Lamps :
EL-inc devises our own custom formulas to create a tailor made binder system for each different application.

Utilizing different binder systems for our lamps, we devise our own custom formulas to create this binder system.

Instead of buying readymade prescriptions available in the market, each formula is tailor made for its intended application, from high efficiency requirement such as small device backlighting, to variable high voltage and current such as animated large format advertisement billboards etc.

Those off the shelf solutions available via the main industry known manufacturer are specialized formulas meant for one purpose only, producing backlights regardless of the actual power input specification.

Panels - New Formula Breakthrough
Brighter - Under basic driving conditions (400 Hertz/ 100V), our new formula BG variety (original colour) panels can achieve a brightness of 130CD, compared to Dupont’s 70CD.

High End Standard
Animated Average Lifespan 10,000 hours 7,000 hours
Backlight Average Lifespan Over 20,000 – 30,000 hours 10,000 hours
Luminance 100++ CD/ M2 70 – 80 CD/ M2


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