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Small Projects, Prototypes and Experiments

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Please place your purchase order at our Online Store.

The electroluminescent products available in our Online Store can be used for many different personal and commercial applications.

You can decorate a Halloween costume or backlight a stained glass sculpture.

bulllet You can illuminate a dashboard or build an avionics display for training purposes.

bullet You can get cool light into a tight space to inspect machined parts as part of a manufacturing process.

Many customers who wish to see or develop prototypes start with our Cut & Shape sheets and inverters with gator clips. The sheets can be cut to the size and shape needed and the gator clips on the inverters can be moved easily from location to location along the edge of the sheet for testing purposes.

The same is true for personal do-it-yourself projects. Then after the exact location of the connections has been identified, the clips are snipped off and the wires are connected to the terminals. See connection information on the product information page (click on the image) when visiting our Online Store.

If you have questions about your particular project use the email form here: contactUs. For quotes for custom or volume orders, use this email form: contactUscustom

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