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SS3.1 for large decals PS1.3 is sewn into hats iA4

SS3.2 for medium size decals We design custom drivers iA5 and iT-2M
inverter gtrinverter gtr2
iTY4.5-gtr Inverter (gator clips) M connector for sheets (A5 size) and tape
iTY4.5-2p Inverter with 2 pin M connector for sheets (A5 size) and tape

SS3.1 inverter or driver can be powered by 4 x AAA batteries or house hold current with AC/DC adapter.
SS3.2: battery powerd medium decals used in clothing.
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We provide tailor-made inverters and drivers to match with various applications and any sizes of illumination area. we also specialized in all sorts of sensor activated drivers and inverters to cope with your needs.
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