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EL provides a cool, continuous, even light that can be shaped into stripes, strips, and geometric figures. Strips can run for several meters, with only one connection to a power source. Shapes can be illuminated with different colors and with flashing, animated effects. And EL panels are lamps. They radiate gently, without glare, and can be used anywhere light is needed.

Buildings can be outlined. Entire walls can glow with light. Ceilings can become skies. Staircases can become shining sets of steps. Windowless rooms can suddenly have windows --- with views.

Add EL panels that flash, blink, stack up or stack down and the creative possibilities are endless. EL becomes an imaginative, artistic medium offering color, motion and light as tools to inspire, educate and entertain.
EL can be used with furniture, wall hangings, room trim and fixtures to uniquely enhance the appearance of any space.

EL will highlight a product or advertising message more effectively than any other form of light. Company logos or advertising displays will leap towards customers, compelling their attention to the image and the message.

EL designs are used in products such as toys, novelties, jewelry and fashion accessories. EL patches or panels can be sewn onto shirts, skirts, pants and hats. They can be attached to backpacks, tote bags and purses. A small EL panel can be used to illuminate any small, dark area such as a locker, a purse or a make-up kit, a tool box, a tackle box or every corner of a storage compartment.

Information illuminated by EL will command attention in any environment. Warnings are clear in an emergency. Instructions stand out to anyone in a crowd. Where power supplies are limited, EL illumination can operate for months with a small battery.

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