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A badge or a decal can be an expression of political or religious belief --- it can be a statement of affiliation or affection --- it can be an announcement of fun or fashion.

With electroluminescence, any message inscribed on a badge or a decal is enhanced. The message becomes bright with light and active with animation.

Badges are usually pinned onto clothing like a piece of jewelry.

Decals are usually glued to walls, lockers, school bags, bicycles or automobiles as a permanent display.

Badges are typically manufactured with the sturdier, less flexible generation 1 EL materials. Decals are often made with the more flexible generation 2 material so they can easily wrapped around poles, corners, bicycle frames or pieces of clothing.

Both badges and decals are relatively easy to design and inexpensive to manufacture in large quantities. Use our Custom Design Service to add EL to your design and then request a quote.

For quick delivery, purchase from our wide selection of stock products. Click here for a Large Volume Quotation email form to ask about current pricing and delivery details..

Click here to view our typical badge and decal images.

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