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We can design your electroluminescent image or product at no cost to you. Just send us your original design to images@e-luminates.com. Be sure to clearly define your color requirements and dimensions (we prefer metric measurements), and to include a description or sketch of any animation desired. Use the words “flashing”, “stacking” and “fill” to describe how you want the parts of your image illuminated.

See What is EL? for an explanation.

Safety vest Construction sign Safety belt

We will develop a mock-up of your finished design and return it to you by email for final approval. When you wish to proceed with your product, we will prepare a pre-production prototype for a nominal charge (tooling fee and prototype surchage) which is quoted based upon design specifications and dimensions. Please see“Ordering Information”for further details. With our free design service and the quality control we exercise in preparing prototypes, you will have complete control of your product's development and be assured of delivery of your order on time.

Once you have accepted a mockup using our free development services, you will need to pay a tooling fee for a pre-production prototype. Tooling fees start at US$250.00 and are quoted based upon the design dimensions and complexity. Payment instructions will be forwarded with our quote.

Click here for a Custom Order Request form.
If you need to send an image of your design, send it to images@e-luminates.com
Please limit the size to 1Mb.

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