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Welcome to our new COSTUME PAGE !

Have a look at some Tron costumes which were made from our EL Cut & Shape sheets and powered by our iSS4.5 inverters.

Nick spent a lot of time and used a lot of material to make this outfit. He tells us that he stretched our technology almost to the breaking point, but he kept at it until he produced one of the best DIY outfits we have ever seen.'tron costume

You can find out more about Nicks work at

And check out a Quorra costume at http://www.fashioningtech.com/

Tim will show you how he did it in this video:

Be sure to visit our Online Store to find the materials you need to make flashy, splashy costumes like these.

Then send us a photo of your costume to info@e-luminates.com. It could be featured on this page.



LINKS: Check out these links to see more interesting costume ideas.


You can see more of Master Le's work at http://www.MasterLe.org


Can you see through EL? We see this question more often than you would think. Actually, the technology does exist to make translucent EL, but it is very expensive and used only in niche applications.

However you can use our Cut & Shape sheets to make EL that you can see through --- as in "put the EL into a goggle frame, then put it over your eyes, then turn it on". Suddenly you have illuminated eye sockets and you can still walk around without bumping into walls, door frames or people.

Here's how to do it:
Buy an A5 size Cut&Shape sheet from our Online Store. Buy an iSS4.5gtr inverter from our Online Store.
Visit http://e-luminates.com/osc/

Find a Pin Frog --- they are available from your local florist or craft store and can sometimes be found at the bottom of a vase of flowers.

Find a heavy duty vise or clamp. Place the EL sheet face up on a thick piece of cardboard. Tape it down to hold it in place.

Place the pin frog with the pins down along the edge of the EL sheet --- but not touching the tabs along the edge of the sheet. Place the pin frog and the EL sheet into the jaws of the vise or clamp.

Crank the vise or clamp until all of the pins have clearly penetrated the EL sheet. Do not separate the pin frog from the EL sheet until all of the pins have completely penetrated the sheet.

When finished, you should be able to see through the EL sheet when you hold it in front of your eye.

You can then cut out the pin hole pattern leaving two of the tabs along the edge intact. Attach the leads from the iSS4.5 and when powered up, you should be able to see through the EL sheet while your eye lights up.

Duplicate the above for your other eye. Then mount the EL cut-outs in an eyeglass frame for use in your costume. You will have to attach additional leads to the second eye piece from the iSS4.5.

Results are not guaranteed. You will not be able to see clearly through the EL cut-outs when they are illuminated, and unless the area where you are looking is illuminated you may not be able to see at all. If not wired carefully and insulated properly (be sure to use lots of electrical tape), you may experience a mild but harmless shock when the EL cut-outs are illuminated.

If the results are not satisfactory, you can use a nail to make each hole larger until you can see clearly through the illuminated EL sheet. Don't use a screw or drill to make the holes larger because the twisting motion may mix the EL substrates.

When finished, take a photo and send it to us at costume@EL-inc.com.

Here is another Legacy costume from Tim.
Tim used the BG Cut & Shape sheets for his costume.

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