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Use this email form to request a quotation for a custom manufactured order or for large volume discounts for existing products. Keep in mind that one-time design, tooling and shipping costs for custom manufactured prototypes usually exceed US$500 --- even for only one or two pieces.

Please answer every question. Responses to incomplete inquiries are usually delayed.

Depending upon the complexity of your request, it may take up to ten days for an answer.

To see the products we can ship immediately, visit our Online Store.

If you have questions about the products in our Online Store, specific questions about our company or your project, or questions about electroluminescent technology or materials, please use the email form here: contactUs.

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If the design is flashing or animated, skip the next two questions.  You will need to send a design image to images@e-luminates.com after completing this form. 
Color when illuminated:

Color when off:  

Do you need bright as possible (Grade A), inexpensive (Grade C), in between (Grade B)?
Will the product be used indoors only?

Will the product ever be used outdoors?

Will the product be used outdoors all the time?

Will you need an inverter or driver?

If yes, enter power input:

If battery powered, how long do you need the batteries to last?

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