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There is no better source of light for advertising displays or posters than electroluminescence. Rather than shining lights on an advertisement, EL allows the designer to illuminate it from the inside out.

Instead of using glaring fluorescent lamps or expensive neon bulbs to create illuminated designs, a designer can use a gentle light emitting from flexible panels.

By adding animated motion with flashing or stacked elements, a designer can compel a consumer to look at an advertisement and absorb the message.

Because EL is a gentle, cool light it can be used to back light displays and advertisements without harsh glares and shadows.

The flexibility of EL panels allow intricate and detailed designs, an important consideration for corporate logos or fine patterns.

Because EL lamps are thin, flexible and use very little power, they can be used to illuminate advertisements in difficult places.

The versatility of EL lets designers scale an advertisement to almost any size.

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