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Electro Luminescence Incorporated coordinates a network of designers, engineers and manufacturers throughout Asia to combine creativity with technical knowledge on behalf of customers around the world.

Electro Luminescence Incorporated was created to take advantage of the internet in conducting all aspects of its business.
By using the internet to move and coordinate design work, engineering specifications and customer orders among many locations around the world, Electro Luminescence Inc can utilize the talents and maximize the capabilities of the most knowledgeable people and most technically qualified manufacturers to satisfy the requirements of its customers.
Further, the internet allows Electro Luminescence Inc to respond rapidly to customer needs.
All the while, costs are minimized and efficiency maximized so that product prices remain at the lowest levels possible.

Electro Luminescence Incorporated is a California corporation headquartered at 377 Blohm Avenue, Aromas, California  95004. Please address correspondence to PO Box 656.

The corporation also has offices in Kanagawa, Japan and Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Although we prefer to handle all communications by email (click here for an email form), our US representative can be contacted at a telephone message center at 1-877-242-2770..
Please be prepared to leave a message including good time to call back, your time zone, and repeat your telephone number at least twice.

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