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EL tape is unsurpassed for lighting paths, steps and walkways, outlining any sort of shape or creating long lines of light in an unforgettable display.

Production orders of EL tape come in large rolls and can be manufactured in any width from 8 mm (about 0.3 inch) up to 60 cm (about 24 inches). Included in the width measurement are very narrow clear borders where the laminating material seals and joins the front and back of the tape. For instance, the borders along a 24 mm tape are about 3 mm wide leaving an illuminated area 17 mm wide.

One length of tape can be as long as 50 meters, however individual tapes can be connected together for a run of almost any length. Special connectors can be ordered for almost any application.

Of course the flexible nature of EL tape allows it to be attached to almost any curved surface.

Electrical supply is usually provided through two split electrode foils that run the length of the tape.

As are all EL products, EL tape is very light. It can also be manufactured in a full range of colors with green to blue-green being easiest and brightest and a pure white tape yielding a pure white light being the most difficult. A white light can be produced by an inexpensive, pinkish, colored tape. POWO designates the change from a light Pink when the lamp is Off to White when switched On.

Contact us for power requirements for different widths and lengths of tape.

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